Naughty Lingerie Shopping

There is a lot of debate over whether or not a girl has a choice when she enters the adult entertainment industry – as nasty as it can be – I choose not to get into that debate, instead I went naughty lingerie shopping. I mean lets face it, I’ve always wanted to buy some lingerie. I wanted something figure flattering and something that I can easily slip under my clothes with no problems. I went to a shop owned by this guy, he showed me a battery operated fish that can go in a bowl of water and swim around, he thought it was the greatest thing. I told him I was not looking for fish , that I was looking for “clothes.” He took me to the back of the store and there behind a beaded curtain were all things naughty from dildos to card games to lingerie.

He gave me a deal,he said,  if I buy one item then I can get the second item for half price, this was something I can look forward to since I do have a day job I would wait until pay-day. I looked at body stockings ,  teddys and naughty nurse outfits. Wow, so much to choose from!

I have already worked as an escort prior to this, all summer in fact off and on. I wanted to step it up a notch so I thought investing in some lingerie is a good way to do this.
I searched through the packages hanging on the walls in the “adult section” of the store. I finally settled for a few items, I think I’m going to become a regular customer.


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